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At MorningBaseball, our core is driven by an unwavering passion for baseball — a passion that infuses every piece of clothing we create.

Our founder, 23yr old ex college baseball player - Cameron Seoane, crafted this brand in 2023 not just as an apparel company but as a revolution in baseball culture. From the very beginning, our mission has been to infuse the traditional love for the game with a fresh, vibrant twist of streetwear, creating designs that players and fans not only want to wear off the field but are proud to don as a symbol of their love for the sport and the community they're a part of.

Supported by over 25+ MLB and 30+ NCAA players, our journey has quickly evolved into a movement. As MorningBaseball continues to grow, so does its impact. Each design we release is a testament to the sport's enduring spirit, a piece of clothing that's not just worn but lived in, cherished as part of the daily grind and the dream chase.

MorningBaseball was built not just as a brand but a community, a family united by the shared language of baseball. It’s an invitation to celebrate the game, to wear its symbols as badges of honor, and to be part of a movement that sees every new dawn as an opportunity to excel, to inspire, and to transform the perception of baseball one garment at a time.

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