Our Mission


At MorningBaseball, our mission is to inspire and motivate baseball players worldwide to achieve their dreams and conquer the challenges they face on their journey to the next level.

Founded by Cameron Seoane, an ex-college baseball player who experienced the devastating impact of athlete burnout and the struggle with confidence after injury, MorningBaseball was born out of a deep desire to give back to the game and support fellow athletes. With a passion for innovative and motivational streetwear, we aim to create a brand that does not only look good but also positively uplifts and encourages athletes to push beyond their limits.

Understanding the significant prevalence of mental illness among over 30% of professional athletes, we are committed to raising awareness and providing an outlet of motivation for those in need. Moreover, our dedication also extends to combating the fast growing issue of athlete burnout, affecting over 10% of athletes.

MorningBaseball endeavors to support athletes in prioritizing their well-being and finding a healthy balance between their passion for the game and self-motivation. Through our clothing line, we aim to instill a sense of purpose, determination, and perseverance, reminding athletes to wake up, work hard, and dream big in order to accomplish their dreams of making it to the next level.